Science-and- technology-based undertaking acceleration area

OpenBeauchef offers FCFM’s community and the national innovation ecosystem an area for the acceleration of high-impact science-and-technology-based undertakings, from their inception to their advanced internationalization stage.

The area’s work is materialized through the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team which relies on support from external consultants and a network of mentors in order to:

Carry out incubation and support processes for undertakings which include the management of a network of specialized mentors to back science-and-technology-based projects.

Manage a network of angel investors for undertakings within OB’s portfolio.

Run student entrepreneurship programs, such as OpenStartups, which accommodate support for undertakings in their early stages.

Develop open innovation challenges for companies and public institutions which connect private and public challenges to talent at FCFM and in the national innovation ecosystem.

Develop entrepreneurship tournaments along with FCFM and external technological partners.

Promotion and acceleration of science-and-technology-based undertakings:

Considering Universidad de Chile’s mission and its role as a driver for the development of our country and its people, at OpenBeauchef we focus on transferring talent, science and technology by supporting, creating and accelerating new enterprises which channel opportunities, add value to society and create better jobs for the future, thus making Chile a better country.

Through its Accelerator and in close collaboration with the Digital Fabrication Laboratory at our Faculty (FabLab – UChile), OpenBeauchef is currently incubating and accelerating over 90 undertakings at different stages in maturity. We also offer support from a highly qualified network of mentors and a network of angel investors close to Beauchef.

Likewise, we regularly run workshops and training programs aimed at potential entrepreneurs from Universidad de Chile as a whole.


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