BusTicket Platform

BusTicket’s aim is to audit sales on board buses through artificial intelligence. It does so efficiently and saves resources for clients by replacing costs in terms of staff and losses.

Ahórrame (Save me)

This undertaking aims to increase the efficiency of your personal finance. With smart and personalized support, knowledge of your spending habits and a clear and simple understanding of your financial data, Ahórrame is designed for you to feel at ease regarding your money. Communicate with it as easily as you would with any of your friends.


This company installs purified water vending machines in buildings so all residents can refill their 5, 10 or 20-liter containers at a price 50% below the market. It is also more sustainable, since it encourages the reuse of containers. At present, customers must pay overprice for purified water because of associated costs, which they absorb, such as distribution, packaging, labeling, margin, etc. With Amawa, customers only pay for the water they will consume.

Ameba (Amoeba)

Alumni. It is cloud-based simulation platform to make projections on the electrical market. With its own unique interface, it allows clients to perform highly detailed analysis.


It is a web-based application which makes heat and humidity-related calculations in construction components. It allows for different online calculations of energy efficiency and habitability in buildings, such as the standardized calculation of Thermal Transmittance, according to norm NCh853-2007 (for Building Permit, Housing Energy Rating), among others.


It is a transdisciplinary team made up of professionals from different areas of expertise, such as design, nursing, business and engineering. This has enabled them to develop collaborative work which addresses challenges from different perspectives and fosters work dynamics which allow for the development of intensive solutions with scientific-technological knowledge to solve biomedical problems.


Parameterization platform for urban design conditions in which users, knowing the geographical location and approximate dimensions of a site, will be able to model its development capacity according to current regulations in a matter of seconds. It was conceived having all stakeholders in urban management in mind and its simplicity will allow any citizen to use it to learn about the potential impact of a future project in their city.


BloomAlert is an integrated red tide early warning system for the desalination industry. The platform can process great volumes of environmental data, applying advanced analytics to information from satellites and oceanographic buoys. This in order to report indicators and early warnings of algal bloom, in an easily readable way and designed for the needs of the desalination industry.


Internet-assisted digital spermiogram center.


It is a digital platform which allows for dynamic data visualization and analysis for optimal decision-making by investors and developers in a project. It brings about benefits in terms of productivity, reduction of investment risk, future resident satisfaction and it contributes to the development of a smart city.