Seminario «Killing Time: The Next Hyperthermal»


Nos es grato invitarlos al Seminario «Killing Time: The Next Hyperthermal» que expondrá el Dr. Matthew Huber – Purdue Climate Change – Research Center.

Resumen: «Given the nature of the subject we must remind ourselves that it is simply not possible to construct a model…that can serve as a scaffolding on which….[we] can rely on support at all times…. No matter how versatile the code, the situation will always lead to the consequences we have already alluded to:….theory conflicts with practice.»

From Clausewitz, (On War, Paret Translation 1989)

After some discussion of the history and application of models in greenhouse paleoclimate contexts, I step through a set of case studies in which I assess the ability of models to capture the essence of paleoclimate proxy data interpretations. I present results on both greenhouse gas and non-greenhouse gas climate forcings and discuss some of the opportunities and pitfalls associated focusing only on one or the other potential type of forcing. Along the way, I will cover the topics such as how tectonics and ice sheets affect climate, the stability of the tropical ocean atmosphere circulation structure, the conceptual underpinnings of climate sensitivity, and the ability of models to inform interpretations of paleoclimate information and vice versa. Using these paleoclimate derived insights as context I present highly resolved windows into future climate change and its impacts. Finally, implications are drawn for the future with an emphasis on heat stress in humans and livestock.

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