Technology Transfer and Management area

The Technology Transfer and Management area fosters the development of R+D activities by providing specialized guidance to valorize knowledge assets, generate alliances with companies and public and private institutions, safeguarding intellectual property and facilitating agreements which benefit all parties involved.

Thus, the area is oriented towards:

Providing faculty members, students and research centers with close support in IP and TT issues.

Subscribing to agreements for on-demand general and specific services.

Identifying technological and social-impact business opportunities for R+D teams and Centers.

Identifying and managing collaboration opportunities and requirements between Faculty R+D teams and companies.

The strength of any innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem fundamentally lies in the capabilities of its actors and in the quality of the links and connections which allow them to boost and synergize their talents and efforts.

That is why one of our main axes for action is to drive the transfer of knowledge and technologies developed by teams at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Science, directly or in collaboration with third parties. This gives us the conviction that we are contributing substantially to the greater social and economic impact of the national i+e ecosystem.

We count on a team specialized in the management and transfer of technological solutions and developments, be it as proprietary or open-source models. We promote and seek to actively collaborate in their packaging, valorization, transfer and licenses or diffusion, as applicable.


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